Here at bbf we specialize in Big Data, Low Latency and Trend Forecasting …


We develop, implement and test machine learning applications tailored to our customers’ needs.


Our clients include highly professional experts from the financial services industry as well as from politics and other industries.

our team

Our Team consists of high qualified data scientists, software developers, social media specialists and liquidity managers.

we code

Through our combined experience in FOREX trading, social media and big data handling, we have access to granular historical data.

FX Spot

Whether you are competing for market shares within a single data center or within a more complex system crossing various data centers, we are keen on support you during your challenges.


Easy to access Analytics

Although latency is key we understand it´s not just about latency. Providing your counterparties a stable experience is as important as executing fast.

By analyzing your incoming and outgoing flow, we help you to meet your counterparts expectations in terms of fill rate, PPM and response times.


Customized to your needs

bbf develops solutions for takers as well as for market makers. Together with your team we design, implement, test and maintain trading solutions tailored to your needs.

Implementing machine learning technologies into your value chain will help you mapping your liquidity providers with your client pools most profitable.

bbf GmbH

Wohllebengasse 4/11
1040 Vienna

Business purpose: Provision of IT services
VAT Number: ATU67595747
Company Register Number: FN 386860 m
Commercial register court: Vienna

Member of: WKO
Professional law: Industrial Code

Benjamin Feist